Funny Birthday Wishes and Bday Greetings #03

  • Here is a funny birthday greeting to the most fun loving person I know, happy birthday Clown!
  • A very Happy Birthday to a person who is good-looking, intelligent, mature, understanding, knowledgeable and someone who reminds me so much about myself! Have a superb day! Lots of love your way.
  • You can’t stop the number of candles from increasing. But you can always keep the child in you alive! Happy Birthday to the craziest person I have ever met. I love the way you are. So don’t ever change for anybody in this world.
  • A very Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have a great one. After all, you are old now! Hahaha, just kidding, you are still as good as new. I wish you have an awesome day.
  • Happy birthday to you, you live in a zoo, you look like a monkey and you smell like one too. Jokes aside Happy Birthday Friend!
  • Count your blessings, not your wrinkles.  Happy birthday!
  • So many candles such a small cake. Next year, may your birthday wish be a bigger cake.
  • Wishing you many more candles and a cake big enough to fit them all on. Happy Birthday!
  • Consider yourself a glass of wine. The more the age the more you taste. Happy Birthday!
  • Smile! It’s your birthday.
  • A few years ago we are young and smart, but now, happy birthday old fart!
  • Forget the part that you are aging, so let’s start celebrating. Happy birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes and Bday Greetings #02

  • Simple wish, win lottery and laugh your way to the bank. Happy Birthday!
  • You age like cheese, You just keep getting smellier! Does it belong to funny birthday wishes?
  • There were a lot of famous people born on your birthday. Too bad you aren’t one. Happy Birthday!
  • Wishing the most exciting, fascinating, and stunning Birthday ever to the most overwhelming, determined and inspiring person. Damn I finish all my best adjectives just to greet you a Happy Birthday!
  • Wishing you many more candles to come and a bigger cake to fit them all. Happy Birthday!

Bigger cake

  • Two tips on your birthday: 1) Forget the past, you can’t change it. 2) Forget the present, I didn’t get you one. If it does not belong to the funny birthday wishes, I don’t know what is.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, stop complaining… I am older than you! Happy Birthday!
  • With age comes wisdom. (You’re one of the wisest people I know!). Happy Birthday!
  • You’re simply the best (Melody) better than all the rest (Melody). So enjoy my voice. Happy Birthday!
  • Wishing you great Birthday, but not greater than you.
  • My funny birthday wishes goes to the funniest guy ever, happy bday mate!
  • I always told everyone that you are a good girl. But now that it’s your birthday I will tell everyone, that you’re a bad girl who never got caught. Happy birthday!
  • Now that you will start to forget some things, I want to give you a good hint; never take a laxative and a sleeping pill at the same time. Happy birthday!
  • If you are on a diet on your birthday, you can’t eat a piece of cake. So grab a piece in both hands, it will be a balanced diet. Happy birthday Sexy!

Funny Birthday Wishes and Bday Greetings #01

  • My funny birthday greetings? May you find all the strength and courage needed to blow all the candles out! Happy Birthday!
  • You are very special and you deserve the best, but all I can give you are wishes and not the rest.
  • Money’s tight, times are hard, here’s you friggin birthday card!
  • Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday to a person who is smart, good looking, funny and reminds me a lot of myself.
  • You’re another year older and another year wiser, so put your brain to work and figure out there ain’t no gift for you.
  • Happy Birthday you old fart.


  • An old fart is as good as a new one. Happy Birthday!
  • You’ve survived another year. Although you’re older, it’s better than the alternative. Congratulations!
  • Your birthday is too important to be taken seriously, so let us celebrate it like crazy! Happy birthday!
  • Friends will always make you remember your age, but nobody rubs it in like I do. Happy birthday Mate!
  • Always take your birthday greetings with a grain of salt, a slice of lemon and a shot of tequila. Happy birthday!
  • On your birthday, you need to laugh with your age. If you don’t, everybody else will do it for you. Happy birthday!
  • At least you’re not as old as you will be next year! Happy Birthday!
  • Is it getting hotter in here or is it just all the candles on your cake? Happy Birthday!
  • Please imagine the things you’d want to hear on your birthday and assume I said them. Happy Bday Mate!
  • Don’t worry about your age, you will be older next year…Hapi bday


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